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Non-certified translation

Technical, medical and scientific, legal and economic translations. Literary texts, on the arts and humanities, as well as any general translations, tourism, journalism, fashion and beauty, marketing and advertising, etc.

Sworn translation

This type of translation is official and in Spain it may only be signed and stamped by a Sworn Translator-Interpreter awarded the relevant certificate by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. A sworn translation has official and legal effects for national and international organisations. This is regulated by Royal Decree 2555/1977.


Simultaneous interpretations (in a booth, whispered or chuchotage or with infoport)Consecutive interpretation and sworn interpretation, performed by sworn Translators-Interpreters for legal or official situations.


This turns an audio or video file into a written text. The transcription may be completed in Spanish or in a foreign language and then translated into Spanish (or it may also be translated from Spanish into a foreign language).


This involves comparing a translation with the original text in order to pick out any errors, false friends, additions or deletions, omissions, etc. The text is also checked to make sure it is as coherent and consistent as possible, in terms of style and terminology.

Copy editing

This means correcting any errors in a text, making sure the grammar is correct and keeping the tone of the author. Style and orthotypographical corrections.

Software localisation

Adapting a website to a different language and culture. Adapting a computer program, which includes translating the user interface (messages, menus, dialogues, etc.), the online help, the documentation, the information shown on the product packaging, etc.


Dubbing and subtitling, creation of terminology glossaries, management of linguistic projects, translation courses, language courses for companies, language consultancy services, etc.


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